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Language & Linguine


Get ready for your next trip to Italy as we teach you travel friendly Italian as you dine. This is a two hour "learn with your mouth full" experience.

WARNING: The unintended consequences our graduates are known to experience while in Italy, is fooling Italians into thinking they can carry on a full conversation that doesn't have anything to do with food, wine or dining!!!


Three course family style meal, house wine and "full immersion" complete service in Italian.

Testimonials from Graduates

"So much fun!! Giovanni had us laughing the entire time and by end of meal, we did think we could speak Italian!! At least we were able to get our 'forketta' and 'bickieri'. OMG no idea how to spell but I can now say!!!"

-Cheryl G

The Cost

$250 for a group of four, plus tax and gratuity. 

$75 for each additional adult. 

How to Book

Available 7 nights a week (max one group per night). We must begin by 6pm, earlier is preferred.. Our Language & Linguine experience can be pre-booked in the restaurant or by clicking this link.

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More Events

HAPPY HOUR-Monday-Friday

Happy Hour!

Happy Hour is available from 3pm-5pm Monday-Friday. We offer an assortment of drink specials starting at $5 and a small bites bar menu.


Tom Sietsema's weekly Wednesday "Tom Chat" suggesting us as a private event venue consideration.

We accept private lunch bookings for groups of 20-80 from Monday-Saturday. 

Full and partial dinner buyouts are available for groups of 20-80 for events 7 nights a week. 

Email us through our Contact Us page for a proposal!

Mother's Day Brunch 2019

Complimentary "Rose' all Day for the Moms"  Now accepting reservations at

Join us for Mother's Day Brunch with complimentary "Rose' All Day" for the moms! 

Email us through our Contact Us page for a reservation!



We offer customized Italian wine tastings for groups of  4-60. The tasting can be one hour or two, include food or just simply Vino Italiano. 

Email us through our Contact Us page for a proposal!


private cooking lessons

We offer private group cooking lessons Monday-Saturday for groups of 2-4. 

 Email us through our Contact Us page for a proposal!



This pre-shift experience includes staff "line-up", family meal, house wine and a chance to get to know some of our Eddie staff "behind the scenes." Available 7 days a week from 4pm-5pm. 

Book here